Thursday, April 29, 2010

Form and Content 5 (2000s)

Created by Roland Reiner Tiangco who is a recent graduate student that lives in New York, this design piece is actually interactive with the person that has it. It starts out in an envelope folded up, when you unfold it, you get that black residue on your hands and when you rub if on the paper, that is what you see: "The future belongs to those of us still willing to get our hands dirty. The message is placed very straightforward, centered, and capitalized on the page. It's a message this is simple, but powerful. It is powerful because of the fact that the piece literally has you get your hands dirty in order to read the message. There is good balance throughout the page because of how Tiangco sized the font and arranged it evenly. The piece also becomes visually interesting and breaks up the space when the viewer smears the residue on the paper. A way for the creator to connect to the person on a more intimate level I guess is a good way to look at it. Again, this piece is super simple in it's form, but the content is extremely powerful because of the approach the artist took towards it.

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